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SIT SMART AND CHANGE POSITIONS DURING THE DAY Are your home, work and exercise environments optimized for your body? When you must sit, choose a chair that encourages upright posture. A good chair can make all the difference for your body and can even affect your mood. If you're sitting upright, you are able to breathe so much better and deeper, this increase in oxygen uptake in the body will lift your energy and your mood. A well-designed chair you can adjust to your body and work habits is a must. BUT PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIT CORRECTLY ON YOUR CHAIR USING IT'S BACK SUPPORT TO LEAN BACK AGAINST - DO NOT PERCH ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT OR SLUMP ON YOUR DESK. Tips to consider when setting up your chair:

  • Most chairs have two to three settings, some have up to a dozen adjustments! Take time to understand all those levers and knobs.

  • Wherever you sit, check in to be aware that your head is centred over your upper body, ears in line with the shoulders and upper body aligned over your hips.

  • Make sure you have some support for the lower back, this will 'push' the upper back into the back of the chair.

  • Your chair height - when adjusting height make sure to keep the knees at the same level or higher than the hips (so knee angle at least 90 degrees).

  • Some chairs have adjustable seats, apparently the angle of the seat is called the rake. Anyway, aim to keep the seat level, however, if you’re on a computer you could set it to lean slightly forward. This helps engage the inner core muscles.

  • It’s not about finding the one perfect position and locking yourself in.

Remember your body is made to move, so if you can't get up from your desk frequently, it’s far better to change your chair settings from one good supported seated position to another during the day. Take note of the settings that feel better for your back and body and use those more frequently.

  • Set a reminder on your phone or computer to change your chair setting during the day. This will help to strengthen the different muscles you need to sit strong.

  • Set an alarm on your phone or computer to take frequent movement breaks where you get up and take a walk around. I recommend at least every hour.

Still in pain when sitting for any period of time? It's probably time to get your back and neck checked out......... Book Now 86 8th Avenue, Northcliff, South Africa 0828811635 Source:

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