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Services and Rates

This practice is contracted into most medical aids and can claim directly from your medical aid for your consultation. 
You will be billed at the current medical aid rate.

Initital (first) Consultation 45min - R950.00

Your first consultation will be 45 min and will include taking a full history, orthopaedic and neurological examinations, chiropractic assessment and treatment.

Follow-up (second) consultation 45min - R950.00

For patients who are not new, but I have not seen for 3 months or longer.

Sometimes, for example if there are multiple areas to be worked on or if we need to do a lot of soft tissue work or dry needling, we will need a longer follow-up consultations.

Follow-up  consultation 30min - R670.00

Short follow-up consultations where we just need to do adjustments. For patients who are under current treatment (3 months or less).

Baby follow-up consultation 15min - R460.00

Follow-up consultation for baby's (0mnths-2yrs old) who are currently under treatment. 

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