Services and Rates

Initital (first) Consultation 40min - R845.00

Your first consultation will be 40 min and will include taking a full history, orthopaedic and neurological examinations, chiropractic assessment and treatment.

Follow-up (second) consultation 40min - R845.00

For patients who are not new, but I have not seen for 6 months or longer.

Sometimes, for example if there are multiple areas to be worked on or if we need to do a lot of soft tissue work or dry needling, we will need a longer follow-up consultations.

Follow-up  consultation 20min - R600.00

Short follow-up consultations where we just need to do adjustments. For patients who are under current treatment (6 months or less).

Baby follow-up consultation 15min - R420.00

Follow-up consultation for baby's (0mnths-2yrs old) who are currently under treatment.