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  • Hold your device at eye level. Either bend your elbows or prop the device on something to bring it more eye level. 

  • Rest your elbows on a desk or on your knees as shown below to try get your device closer to eye level while bending your neck as little as possible.

  • When standing and using your phone - Fold your left arm across your body and rest the right bent elbow on the left hand, this brings the right hand that's holding the phone much closer to the face.

  • If it is not at eye level, try look down with your eyes instead of bending down from your neck.

  • Be careful to maintain an upright upper back with shoulders open and pulled back (don't round your shoulders or hunch forward). 

  • Make sure to maintain the curve in the lower back, try sit with support in your lower back either a curve in your chair or a cushion to support the curve of the lower back.

  • Hold your device with one hand and use the other hand to type.

  • Relax your wrist.

  • Alternate between your thumb and index finger to type.

  • Try to decrease grip force by using a case that improves grip. Also, chose a phone that fits your hand properly

  • Take frequent breaks

  • Stretch often.

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