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Postural distortion patterns in children and teenagers

Are you happy with your childrens' posture?

Do you want a better posture for your child?

Research is showing that more than 50% of school aged children have posture problems.

There has never been a more important time than now in this Digital Age to focus on correcting your childs' posture.

Which of postures below does your child display? If it is Level 2 or level 3, now is a good time to get an assessment done.


Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 14.03.58.png

I have recently completed the Specialised Paediatric Posture course through the American Posture Institute. 

The telehealth assessment will entail the following:

  1. A detailed history - I will email a questionnaire which you can complete and send back to me before our consultation.

  2. Functional and neurological assessment - this will be done via video call, i will explain the test in detail, the parent will assist and I will observe the response/movement.

  3. Report of findings -  this will take place a day or two after the first call once I have had a chance to correlate all the findings of the history, tests, and imaging. I will discuss the diagnosis and treatment recommendations, including postural and behavioural corrections habits, exercises to improve any defunct found as a result of the neurological  testing and stretches.

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