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Posture break to move Did you get on the ball for active sitting as suggested in tip #17? If not, click here for a reminder, get out your ball and get sitting. And don't forget to get your kids sitting on the ball! Now that you are on the ball, use these posture break exercises and stretches to enhance the benefit of ball sitting. Do these simple ball circles to connect to your deep core muscles.

  • Sit tall on your ball

  • Keep the knees still & move your pelvis in a clockwise circle

  • Make 3 slooowww round circles

  • repeat in the other direction

  • Repeat the exercise, this time with your hands on your hips or legs, keep your knees as well as your torso still

  • Sit tall and move only your hips

Try this awesome posture break stretch for 1 min every hour which helps open up and stretch out the chest that has been in a rounded forward position as a result of sitting too long. Keep the ball more under the head and upper back and arms out to the side for an easier position or if you have low back pain.


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