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STEP UP YOUR STROLL Mindful posture, standing your tallest, is important because it’s the beginning of moving tall. Balanced posture means muscles exercise more symmetrically, minimizing joint stress and helping you breathe your fullest. Retraining strong alignment and awareness in posture and motion can begin with being aware when you walk. PostureZone® 1: Feet and Lower Extremity

  • Do your feet touch down and push off the same point on each side? (pay attention and even out your gait)

PostureZone® 2: Pelvis

  • Is your core engaged? (pull in your belly just a bit)

  • Did you wear good shoes? (your posture foundation is key)

PostureZone® 3: Torso

  • Do your shoulders roll forward? (roll them back and relax)

  • Do your arms swing symmetrically? (pay attention, thumbs forward, don’t carry your phone in one hand)

  • Are you breathing from your belly? (focus on even, slow belly breaths)

PostureZone® 4: Head

  • Is your head jutting forward? (head tall)

  • Are you looking straight ahead? (eyes up)

Step Up Your Stroll with Nordic Walking Take your stroll to the next level with a pair of walking poles. Nordic walking is a hybrid of walking and Nordic skiing using specially designed walking poles. When using walking poles correctly, you’ll engage the core, back, chest, spine and arm muscles for a total-body workout, with less risk of injury. Adding walking poles will add variety and a fun new element to your daily walk and is great for your health.


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