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Hi Guys

Over the past 6 weeks since the Confident Kids Stand Tall tribe has launched I have covered workstation ergonomics, how to sit and stand better, how to hold your devices better to prevent and improve Tech Neck Posture and my free gift to you last week - how to take a posture break.

But hey, it can't all be about improving posture and nagging your kids to spend less time on their devices. With a few minutes of doing the correct stretches every day, you will start to see some positive results in improving your children's posture very quickly. One of the biggest contributors to bad posture is not moving enough and doing a few simple stretches every day can have dramatic  effects. 

So I have decided to launch a FREE 1 week challenge, slowly introducing 1 simple exercise every day to build up a 7min exercise routine by the end of the week. I know we are all busy.... but 7mins to help change your kids posture?!?! We can all manage that!

So sign up, join in, post some pics of your children doing their exercises and lets see who can do it!!

Thanks for joining, see you in the challenge!

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